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About us

Boutique MONOVA Waterloo, is a Belgian company founded as Monova Sprl in 2020.
Our goal is to bring  fashionable and elegant garments to our clients at affordable prices coupled with outstanding quality.
Boutique MONOVA Waterloo also an authorized reseller of the Italian brand Save My Bag
It Intended originally as a luxury waterproof cover to “save” a designer bag, Save My Bag has gone as far as a unique ”it bag” status all of its own.
Innovation is in the DNA of the brand just as creativity is in its soul. The key to success of the Italian brand is its innovative Poly-Fabric with Lycra material. The brand blends lightness ad resistance to give you a chic, light, durable and trend-setting products.
The new SMB collection features logo and chains made out of bio-based polymer which contains 99% renewable resources, reducing significantly the impact of CO2 emissions.  CALLED BIO-PLASTICE
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